E-VOSS DNA™ Hair Loss Control System

Still Got Hair? We’ll Help You Keep It. 

Our high-powered, revitalizing, natural ingredients:

  • Anti-Aging Blend (white tea, wasabi, nettle, hops, saw palmetto, tyrosine, etc.): Removes DHT, the hormone that causes hair thinning. 
  • Methyl Nicotinate: Relaxes follicles, increasing the diameter of hair strands to allow for better penetration of nutrients. 
  • Procap Complex: Provides a protecting and repairing effect on the structure components of the hair follicle, slowing down the aging process. 
  • Apple Cell Culture Extract: An advanced technology that helps to increase the life cycle of hair follicles, stimulating the scalp for fuller-looking hair. 
  • Peppermint, Caffeine & Menthol: Stimulates micro-circulation for better penetration of actives.

Keratin Plus™ Straight & Smooth System

Straight Like an Arrow

KERATIN PLUS Straightening & Smoothing Treatment System is composed of an extraordinary blend of ingredients that penetrate deeply into the root to deliver the most effective results. The keratin active that is present binds to the cuticle, rejuvenating dry, damaged hair and restoring it to its former brilliance. The treatment is enriched with Argan oil, collagen, and vitamins A, E and B5, all of which assist in eliminating unwanted frizz and curls while maintaining the strength and flexibility of the hair. This powerful formula is essential for those wanting to reduce time spent on styling the hair by leaving it naturally straight, shiny and easy to manage.

Please send to sales@evossdna.com with your location (city, state), along with a photo of your salon or cosmetology license and we will contact the closest distributor to process your order. 

Keratin Plus™ Daily Treatment System

Your Hair Never Felt This Good Before 

Keratin Plus™ Daily Treatment System features parabens & sodium chloride free products that contain natural keratin proteins, replenishing natural keratin levels, which bind to the deep crevices in the hair caused by damage from heat, chemicals and other environmental factors. This allows the hair to return to a state in which it is naturally healthy, revitalized and easy-to-manage. They also contain argan oil, collagen, panthenol, and other nourishing ingredients, giving these products a magnificent blend of vitamins, antioxidants, proteins and healthy nutrients to repair and protect the hair.

Keratin Plus™ Garlic Treatment

The Power of Mighty Garlic 

Assembled with pure unscented garlic extract, Keratin Plus Garlic Treatment products deliver the detoxifying, antibacterial and antifungal properties of garlic to the hair and scalp, relieving itchy, dry scalp, as well as enhancing overall hair texture. The sulfur compound in garlic, known as allicin, also helps in increasing blood circulation in the scalp which has been linked to remedying hair loss and stimulating hair growth activity in cells. These products also contain a concoction of other natural ingredients such as keratin, argan oil, collagen and wheat protein for a complete, well-rounded list of benefits that do wonders for the hair. 

E-VOSS™ Argan Oil

Argan Oil From Morocco

The Argan (Argania spinosa) tree of southwest Morocco, one of the oldest tree species in the world, contains oil that can be harvested through a laborious process in which the fruit that the tree bears is opened to reveal a nut that must be manually broken, roasted and ground in order to obtain the rare oil. This oil is extremely rich in tocopherols, or Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids which can naturally heal and moisturize dry, damaged scalp and hair. This makes one extraordinary formula that is essential for hair styling, conditioning and adding a luxurious, boosting, finishing touch.

E-VOSS DNA™ Curling Me Softly™

Curls can be difficult to manage, but with C.C, or Curl Control, as our primary focus with our Curling Me Softly line, we can ease the process of washing, drying and styling your curly hair. With Swiss patented apple stem cells used to strengthen hair follicles, shea butter that replenishes dry hair and an exceptional blend of essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants to hydrate, moisturize, detangle and soften, your curls become more manageable, easy-to-style, defined and frizz-free. This unique blend of ingredients creates a high-performing formula that works deep to transform frizzy, lifeless curls into luscious, beautiful coils.