About Us

Our Company Values

Our hair is easily the most versatile part of our body. We are able to shape it, mold it, and transform it into varying lengths, colors, shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, all of this comes at a cost. Along with environmental factors such as aging and exposure to UV lights, seemingly simple procedures can wreak havoc on our hair. If you have ever dyed your hair, you will know how brittle, dry and frizzy your hair can become. Using a flat-iron on your hair every morning can cause split-ends, dryness and further problems. It is absurd how our hair must suffer in order for us to obtain the looks we desire. As such, our goal is to provide top-quality hair care products that will aid in repairing the damage your hair has suffered as you strove for your desired aesthetics.

Based in New York, we have been through the many business aspects of the beauty industry; from retail, to wholesale to running a beauty salon, and as a result, we've accumulated a vast amount of knowledge pertaining to the world of beauty products. Having ceaselessly studied and researched the seemingly endless list of powerful ingredients that top brand companies use in their products and how customers respond, we have successfully created our own line of products with confidence that our customers will be satisfied. 

Our wide range of products covers an array of ailments that can befall our hair as a result of a plethora of differing causes. From advanced hair loss to oily, greasy hair, to frizzy, unmanageable curls, our products strive to remedy these common problems with the use of a natural, unique, but equally potent blend of ingredients and molecular complexes. We make it our goal to provide the most effective treatments for your hair and we can guarantee that with our products, your hair will have never felt better before.