E-VOSS D.N.A. Procap Complex - How It Works

ProCAP Complex

ProCAP complex is specially formulated as a combination of vitaminized matrikine with apigenin and oleanolic acid to provide an all-natural one-two punch to combat against hair loss. The anti-inflammatory properties and bioflavonoids in these ingredients not only aid in the prevention of hair loss, but will also help to reverse any existing hair loss.

How Does ProCAP Complex Work?

The formula helps to strengthen the hair follicle and to prevent it from aging or atrophying as a result of Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT--the chemical derivative of testosterone known to promote hair loss in aging men. Once the chemical reaches the hair follicles, it will prevent the body from absorbing the nutrients required to facilitate healthy hair growth, which is why hair starts to thin and fall out more often.

Beyond helping to combat against the effects of DHT, ProCAP complex also works to increase the blood flow to the scalp, which ultimately allows the hair to be well-nourished. Well-nourished hair grows in thicker and fuller.

By preventing DHT from reaching the hair follicles while also ensuring the scalp provides adequate blood flow for nutrition, ProCAP works in two ways to promote healthy hair. Though hair loss is typically more of an issue for men, ProCAP can also help women who deal with thinning and weak hair with age.

ProCAP Clinical Studies

Best of all, the ProCAP complex is clinically proven to reduce hair loss, and to promote growth of new, healthy, strong hair. Clinical studies show, after two weeks of follicle incubation, hair growth was stimulated 121%, and after four months of use, study participants saw a 67% increase in their anagen hair number. Anagen is the initial growth stage in the hair cycle, that typically declines with age. The higher the anagen hair number, the more growth is present.

What Products is ProCAP in?

ProCAP complex can be used in a number of cosmetic applications, including:

  • Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Leave in Conditioners
  • Overnight hair treatments
  • Hair lotions/creams
  • Gels

It is important to consider that not all products created with ProCAP complex are created equally; some products out there may not have the clinically proven amount of the ingredient in their formula. Simply having enough to put it on the list of ingredients does not mean it will produce results.

You can find this ingredient in the EVOSS DNA™ Hair Loss Control product line. Since it is all natural, it will work with your body to ensure your body behaves as intended, and will not cause any negative side effects, in either the short or the long term. For best results, use our shampoo, conditioner, daily treatment drops, and oxygenating booster every day. Each product in this line contains ProCAP complex and will provide the adequate amount to support additional hair growth and strength.

Since the patented ProCAP complex will not only help you keep whatever hair you have left, it will stimulate the growth of new hair, and help prevent it from thinning or falling out, so it is never too late to add the product to your hair care routine.