E-VOSS D.N.A. Garlic Treatment - How It Works

Garlic Hair Treatments

Garlic is a naturally occurring plant with a number of powerful uses, but one of those lesser known uses lies in making your hair stronger and more beautiful. And lucky for you, deodorized garlic can be used to leave your hair in better shape.

How Do Garlic Hair Treatments Work?

Garlic naturally has antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and and anti inflammatory properties. As such, it helps to relieve itchy dry scalp, and has been known to help improve the overall texture of your hair. The sulfur compound in garlic promotes increased blood flow to the scalp, which helps to not only prevent hair loss, but to strengthen and improve the health of existing hair.  Since the garlic works to eliminate harmful substances from the scalp, this natural alternative is superior to many chemical laden hair care products.

The copper found in garlic will promote the growth of thick and strong hair, so the new hair growth is healthy, and the kind you want for long term, whether you’re trying to stop hair loss, or just build a stronger, healthier scalp.

Who Can Benefit from Garlic Hair Treatments?

While anyone can see benefit from garlic hair treatments, those who have heavily processed, thinning, or damaged hair will see the most benefit. With regular use, you can start to see results within just a few days, with full results in four to six months. Even after you’ve used it that long, continuing garlic treatments will ensure long term health.

What Products Can Contain Garlic?

Garlic can be found as an ingredient in many hair care products, including:
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioners
  • Masks/Lotions

You can find Garlic in our E-VOSS Keratin Plus™ Garlic Treatment product line. We have a shampoo and conditioner safe for everyday use, and if you are looking for a little extra support to boost your hair health, we also have a garlic masque. None of these products will make your hair smell, as they use a purified garlic where the compound that produces the smell has been removed. Our product also contains other natural ingredients to help promote healthy hair including: keratin, collagen, argan oil, and wheat protein, to keep your locks looking soft and shiny.

To use the masque, apply it to your hair and scalp liberally after shampooing. For best results, allow to sit on the scalp for five minutes before rinsing.

Since garlic is all-natural, there is no need to worry about side effects, or long term effects of use. You can get some of the natural benefits from garlic just by eating it or taking a supplement, but it is when it is applied directly to the hair that your scalp will get the most benefit from it. While it can work from the inside, using an approach that applies garlic to both the inside and outside of your body will produce better results faster than supplementation or dietary intake alone.