Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Loss Control

What are the main active ingredients in these E-VOSS Hair Loss Control treatments? Apple stem cell actives, which are shown to increase the life span of hair follicles and increase hair stimulation, Procap Complex, which protects and repairs the hair follicle for an anti-aging effect, and various other ingredients work to give you thicker-looking hair. An anti-aging blend of white tea, wasabi, nettle, hops, saw palmetto, and tyrosine work to remove DHT, the hormone linked with hair loss, to prevent further hair loss.
What results should I expect to see while using E-VOSS Hair Loss Control products? E-VOSS Hair Loss Control products work to give you denser, thicker and healthier hair.
How long will it take for me to see results? While results will vary for each individual, hair will be noticeably thicker, denser when E-VOSS Hair Loss Control products are used daily, as directed, for 30 days.
I feel a cold, tingling sensation when I use the E-VOSS Hair Loss Control Treatment Drops and the E-VOSS Hair Loss Control Oxygenating Booster. Is this normal? Yes, you should feel some tingling sensation when using these products. The sensation you are feeling comes from the powerful ingredients penetrating deep into your scalp to resolve the issue behind your thinning hair.
What hair types are suitable for E-VOSS Hair Loss Control products? These products are suitable for all hair types.
What are the differences between E-VOSS Hair Loss Control Treatment Drops, E-VOSS Hair Loss Control Oxygenating Booster and E-VOSS Hair Loss Control Miracle Oil? E-VOSS Hair Loss Control Treatment Drops is our standard hair loss treatment. Fortified with apple stem cell extracts and a unique Procap Complex™, it stimulates the scalp for extended hair growth. E-VOSS Hair Loss Control Oxygenating Booster is an extra strength hair loss treatment for areas of severe hair loss. With a more concentrated, powerful list of ingredients, it is well-suited for those who have been struggling with hair loss for an extended period of time. Both of these treatments are applied directly to the scalp to target the root of the problem. E-VOSS Hair Loss Control Miracle Oil is applied to both the hair and the scalp. It works to minimize hair loss by fortifying the scalp and binding rich nutrients to each strand of hair, simultaneously repairing hair damage and preventing loss for hair that looks noticeably thicker, fuller and healthier.

Keratin Plus Smooth & Straight System

What is a keratin treatment? The keratin treatment is an intense deep conditioning smoothing and straightening treatment. The main ingredient involved in this treatment is the protein known as keratin. The keratin protein is found naturally in the hair and nails and healthier, stronger hair is known to have higher levels of this protein. This treatment effectively infuses this protein back into the hair where it will bind to damaged portions of the cuticle, to leave your hair stronger, healthier and revitalized. With our extraordinary blend of ingredients including Argan oil, collagen and vitamins A, E, and B5, this powerful treatment works to eliminate frizz and damage your hair may have suffered from previous chemical treatments, and outside factors.
What will my results be like? Results will vary depending on the hair type. Very thick, course hair will not become pin straight; instead it will become smoother, frizz-free and easier to manage. Hair with medium waves and frizz will become straighter, smoother and also easier to manage. Overall, the goal of the keratin treatment is to infuse a powerful protein that will not only work to leave your hair moderately straight, but also leave it healthier, sleeker and free of frizz.
How long do results typically last? Results can last anywhere from three to six months based on factors such as how often you wash your hair, the condition of your hair before the treatment and your exposure to potentially harmful environmental pollutants.
What shampoo and conditioner do I need to use following a treatment? It is imperative that only shampoos and conditioners that are sodium chloride free are used. This is to ensure that the keratin treatment will last as long as it should. Our Keratin Plus Treatment Shampoo and Treatment Conditioner are both sodium chloride free and also infuse a moderate dose of keratin with each wash.
Can I continue to use my normal styling products following the treatment? Yes, the keratin treatment merely acts as styling aid by making your hair smoother and more manageable. However, we do recommend using products that are sodium chloride free to prolong the effects of the keratin treatment.
Can I dye my hair following the treatment? It is recommended that you dye your hair prior to the keratin treatment. The treatment will effectively reverse any damage done to your hair by the chemical dye while also making the color look more vibrant. Hair coloring too soon following the keratin treatment is not recommended as it may cause the results of the treatment to fade more rapidly.
What hair types is this treatment suitable for? The keratin treatment is suitable for all hair types, including color-treated, relaxed, curly and virgin hair. However, results will vary depending on the hair type.
What are the differences between the treatments? Keratin Plus Straight & Smooth 0% Mist is the most lightweight version of the keratin treatments with no formaldehyde. Keratin Plus Straight & Smooth Mild Mist and Mild Lotion are the original keratin treatments, with the difference lying in how they are to be applied. Keratin Plus Straight & Smooth Ultra Lotion is the most powerful keratin treatment, suitable for severely damaged hair.

Keratin Plus Daily Treatment System

Can I use Keratin Plus Daily Treatment System products only if I have had the keratin treatment done? Aside from Keratin Plus Clarifying Shampoo, all products in this line can be implemented into any daily hair care regime. Our sodium chloride & paraben free Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for moderately dry hair while our Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner work to effectively repair damage caused by hair coloring, as well as to ensure that the color is long-lasting and vibrant. Our other products within this line all contain exceptional hydrating and moisturizing properties that not only work well with the keratin treatment, but also on their own.
Do these products contain keratin as a main ingredient? Yes, all of our products in the Keratin Plus product line contain the maximum effective dose of keratin to ensure that with every use, our hair is receiving this essential protein to further repair damage and provide hydration.
Why is it important that products used following a keratin treatment be sodium chloride free? Sodium chloride has been found to minimize the effects of the keratin treatment by stripping the hair of the supplied nutrients. To prolong the results of the treatment and to leave your hair softer and healthier for a longer period of time, it is best to use a shampoo and conditioner that does not contain this ingredient.

Argan Oil

What are E-VOSS Argan Oil products good for? Argan Oil is naturally rich in tocopherols, or Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids which repair and moisturize dry hair and scalp. With our blend of ingredients including collagen, keratin and panthenol, these products deliver a powerful dose of healing elements to your hair, repairing any damage received from chemical treatments, hair coloring and environmental factors such as UV exposure and aging.
What hair care regime should I follow in order to reap the most benefits from E-VOSS Argan Oil products? Begin by washing your hair with Argan Oil Repair Shampoo and Repair Conditioner. If you choose to blow dry your hair, apply a moderate amount of Argan Oil Iron Shield before doing so. Once your hair is dry, apply a good amount of Argan Oil Treatment Oil to your hair, applying an extra amount to areas that are more dry or damaged. Replace Argan Oil Repair Conditioner with Argan Oil Hair Masque two or three times a week for maximum repair.
Will using E-VOSS Argan Oil products make my hair greasy/oily? No, used in moderation, your hair will naturally absorb the necessary moisture from the oils in order to repair your hair.
I naturally have very oily hair, are these products right for me? If you have damaged hair that naturally produces more oil, E-VOSS Keratin Plus Garlic Treatment products are recommended. E-VOSS Argan Oil products are more suited for consumers with drier hair and scalp.
Can I use Argan Oil Treatment Oil in conjunction with other Argan Oil leave-in products such as Argan Oil Styling Creme and Argan Oil Curl Cream? For more coarse, drier hair, yes, this is recommended. E-VOSS Argan Oil products are lightweight and are freely absorbed into the hair, making it possible to mix products together for maximum repair. We recommend using Argan Oil Treatment Oil first, and finishing off with a leave-in conditioner in moderation.

Keratin Plus Garlic Treatment

What are E-VOSS Garlic Treatment products good for? Garlic is a natural remedy that contains many detoxifying, anti-fungal properties. Used on the hair, this herb that soothe dry, itchy scalp, as well as improve overall hair texture while providing shine and body. The sulfur compound in garlic, known as allicin, also helps in increasing blood circulation in the scalp which has been linked to remedying hair loss and stimulating hair growth activity in cells.
Do E-VOSS Garlic Treatment products contain a garlic scent? No, the garlic extract used these products are deodorized and unscented.
What is the most effective way to use E-VOSS Garlic Treatment products? E-VOSS Garlic Shampoo and Conditioner can be used daily or at every wash. It is most effective when the solutions are left on the hair for a few minutes before washing out. E-VOSS Garlic Masque should be used two to three times a week and is most effective when used with heat.
Are E-VOSS Garlic Treatment products better for oily hair or dry hair? These products can be used on all hair types. They effectively remove excess oil and sebum on the hair and scalp, while also providing exceptional moisture and improving hair texture by repairing breakage and damage.

Curling Me Softly

What is the key ingredient in the E-VOSS DNA Curling Me Softly product line? The main ingredient used within these products is Swiss patented apple stem cell extracts. These rare extracts are rich in phytonutrients and proteins and have exceptional nourishing and restorative qualities. Other key ingredients include shea butter and a powerful blend of essential fatty acids to help restore the vitality of the hair.
What does it mean to "enhance" or "define" curls, as you say your shampoo and conditioner will do? Our shampoo and conditioner will work to make your curls more manageable, and frizz-free with more bounce and shine. This is done by flattening the hair cuticle to hold hair shape, eliminate frizz and add shine. These specific shampoo and conditioners set the stage for styling products such as our Curling Me Softly Fancy Curl Souffles and Curling Me Softly Total Control Styling Spritz.
How do the products Curling Me Softly Fancy Curl Souffles and Curling Me Softly Curl Cream differ? Curling Me Softly Fancy Curl Souffles is for fine to medium hair types, while Curling Me Softly Curl Cream is for medium to coarse hair types.
What does it mean for products to be sulfate & paraben free? Parabens are typically used to prolong the shelf life of cosmetic products, while sulfates in shampoo work to break down and remove dirt from the hair and scalp. However, it has been found that these two extremely common ingredients were also causing the deterioration of hair follicles, leading to dry, brittle hair. With the removal of these two ingredients, our products are much more effective in providing moisture and repairing damage instead of causing further hair breakage.