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  • 5 How-to Tips for Your Hair Masque
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5 How-to Tips for Your Hair Masque

Making the most of your hair masque 


If your hair has ever been damaged by harsh chemical treatments such as hair dyeing, or even just exposure to too much heat from blow dryers and flat irons, then you're probably aware of the plethora of treatments that are available to help you reverse this damage. Oil treatments can help with excessive dryness and damage, but deep conditioning hair masques are what really repair the damage. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when using a deep conditioning masque:

  1. Replace your daily conditioner with your hair masque once or twice a week, and adjust based on the needs of your hair and the treatment itself. Protein treatments should not be over-used as it can dry out the hair, but moisturizing, revitalizing treatments can be used more often based on how your hair responds to the treatment. Using every other day (or even daily!) can be beneficial for hair that is severely dry or damaged, while once or twice a week will suffice for moderately damaged hair. 


  2. Leave the treatment on your hair for longer than your average conditioner for a deep conditioning. Five to ten minutes will usually suffice, but most can be left longer (sometimes even overnight) for more moisture and repair. However, keep in mind that protein treatments cannot be left on longer than the recommended time, as doing so can leave your hair feeling dry and brittle afterward. Be sure to apply more generously on severely damaged portions of your hair, and leave it on longer for maximum repair! 


  3. After coating your hair in the treatment, wrap it in a shower cap, and add heat, either through a blow dryer or any other source of heat. The addition of heat opens up the hair cuticle further and allows for deeper penetration of the nutrients. This step is optional but highly recommended! 


  4. Feel free to mix your hair masque with other conditioning treatments for added benefits. You may choose to mix your daily conditioner in with your hair masque to combine the nourishing effects to further repair your hair.

  5. Rinse the masque out with cold water to properly seal the hair cuticle. 

You can start off by trying E-VOSS Argan Oil Hair Masque that combines the powerful rejuvenating properties of Argan oil and the deep penetrating effects of a hair masque.  

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