Hair Tips
How Leave-in Hair Treatments Work

How do leave-in treatments work? If you leave the shower and find that your hair still feels brittle, dry and difficult to comb through because of tangles and split ends, even after you've used your daily moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, then it's probably time to try some leave-in treatments. Leave-in...

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5 How-to Tips for Your Hair Masque

Making the most of your hair masque  --- If your hair has ever been damaged by harsh chemical treatments such as hair dyeing, or even just exposure to too much heat from blow dryers and flat irons, then you're probably aware of the plethora of treatments that are available to...

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Argan Oil 101

Argan Oil is currently one of the leading ingredients that hair care companies try to incorporate into their products. Known as “liquid gold,” it has proven to possess properties that restore strength and shine back to damaged, dull hair. But with so many different companies and products promising the same...

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