Hair Tips
How Leave-in Hair Treatments Work

How do leave-in treatments work? If you leave the shower and find that your hair still feels brittle, dry and difficult to comb through because of tangles and split ends, even after you've used your daily moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, then it's probably time to try some leave-in treatments. Leave-in...

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3 Benefits of Garlic For Your Hair

Hearing the word garlic probably brings to mind thoughts of how delicious your favorite dishes are with an extra kick from this seasoning. The pungent aroma and taste are hard to forget. But garlic has more uses than as a seasoning. The restorative properties that garlic can have on your...

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What's the deal with sulfate free?

Let's face it- as consumers, we are more educated than ever about the products we use and consume. From organic food to beauty products, everyone is switching to all-natural and chemical-free variations. Shampoos in particular are a hot topic. As a product that is used almost daily, it's important to...

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Fight Hair Loss with E-Voss!

Suffering from hair loss? E-Voss DNA's Hair Loss Control products are a great place to start. Unique apple stem cell extracts allow hair follicles to have a longer life cycle, while stimulating new hair growth in the scalp. However, some people may be skeptical about whether or not washing your...

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